The members of Physics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, contributing to the activities of the Astroparticle Physics Group, are senior researchers from the sector of Nuclear and Particle Physics, as well as post-graduate and graduate students.

From the Nuclear & Particle Physics Sector

  • Tzamarias Spyridon-Efstathios, professor

  • Eleftheriadis Christos, professor

  • Liolios Anastasios, associate professor

  • Savvidis Ilias, professor

  • Manousos Athanasios, CERN Doctoral Student

  • Maznas Ioannis, PhD student

  • Vafeiadis Theodoros-Anastasios, CERN, Project Associate

  • Atreides George, PhD student

  • Kotsokehagia Anastasia, student

  • Tsilias Paschalis, student

  • Paraschou Kostas, student