Astroparticle Physics
Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique (IACT)
Cherencov Telescope Array (CTA)

The aim of the present proposal is to support the presence of Greek groups from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Athens and National Technical University of Athens to the activities of the CTA project. The scientists involved are from the sectors of Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Atmospheric Physics and from Engineering. As a matter of fact, there is a strong element of interdisciplinary among all these scientific sectors, which meet in order to fulfill the scientific needs in this proposal. The Greek University groups are in close collaboration with distinguished scientists of Greek origin, from Institutes in the States and Europe.

There are several Work Packages in CTA. Our group is scheduling to take part in four of them, namely:

  • Astroparticle Physics with CTA (PHYS)

  • Simulation Studies (MC)

  • Design Study of Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (TEL)

  • Atmospheric Measurements LIDAR (ATAC)

Members of the Main Research Groups (MRGs) and Visiting Scientists are:

MRG 1: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Main Research Group

    1. Eleftheriadis Christos, Associate Professor (CV, Webpage)

    2. Liolios Anastasios, Associate Professor (CV, Webpage)

    3. Kokkotas Konstantinos, Professor (CV, Webpage)

    4. Seiradakis Ioannis-Hugh, Professor (CV, Webpage)

    5. Stergioulas Nikolaos, Assistant Professor (CV, Webpage)

    6. Vlahos Loukas, Professor (CV, Webpage)

    7. Nikolaidis Argyrios, Associate Professor (CV, Webpage)

    8. Panagiotidis Konstantinos, Lecturer (CV, Webpage)

  • Invited Researchers

    1. Kazanas Dimosthenis (CV, Webpage)

    2. Vasileiadis George (CV, Webpage)

    3. Vasileiou Vlasios (CV, Webpage)

    4. Theodosiadis Stefanos (CV, Webpage)

  • External Collaborators

    1. Giannakaki Elina, PostDoc researcher (CV)

    2. Papalexiou Sofia, PostDoc researcher (CV)

    3. Atreidis Georgios, PhD student

    4. Manousos Athanasios, student (CV, Webpage)

    5. PhD candidate, physicist

    6. PhD candidate, mechanical engineer

MRG 2: University of Athens (UoA)

  • Main Research Group

    1. Mastichiadis Apostolos, Associate Professor (CV, Webpage)

    2. Vlahakis Nektarios, Assistant Professor (CV, Webpage)

    3. Tsinganos Kanaris, Professor (CV, Webpage)

  • Invited Researchers

    1. Emmanoulopoulos Dimitrios (CV, Webpage)

  • External Collaborators

    1. Moraitis Konstantinos, PhD student

    2. PhD candidate, physicist

MRG 3: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

  • Main Research Group

    1. Fokitis Emmanouel, Professor (CV, Webpage)

    2. Maltezos Stavros, Assistant Professor
      (CV, Webpage, Webpage-Proposal)

    3. Farakos Konstantinos, Associate Professor (CV, Webpage)

  • Invited Researchers

    1. Mavromatos Nikolaos (CV, Webpage)

  • External Collaborators

    1. Aravantinos Athanasios, Professor (CV, Webpage)

    2. Kominis Ioannis, Assistant Professor (CV, Webpage)

    3. Pasipoularides Pavlos, Post-Doc research (CV, Webpage)

    4. Zekou Evangelini, Post-Doc researcher (CV)

    5. Fetfatzis Prodromos, PhD student (CV)

    6. Gika Violetta, Post-Doc researcher (CV)

    7. Maragos Nikolaos, PhD student (CV)

    8. Koutelieris Georgios, PhD student (CV)

    9. Manthos Ioannis, PhD student (CV)

    10. Jacob Bernhard Klinkenberg, PhD student (CV)

    11. Koumpli Elena, student (CV)

    12. Koutsourakis Georgios, student (CV)